Industrial hand transmitter radio remote controlRugged hand transmitter with ten double function buttons and four LED:s for feedback. The RL-RC10 is fully programmable and uses the same logic as all the other Radiologic products.


RL-display is the most complex yet the most easy to use transmitter for industrial remote control on the market right now. Looks and feels like the tablet computer you are used to at home but that's where the similarity stops. Inside the casing is a powerful Radiologic-unit, the touch screen is industrial standard and can be used with or without gloves, in fact you can use virtually any object to operate the high resolution tactile surface.


RL-PRIO PLC radio controlRL-PRIO, abbreviation for PLC, Radio, Input, Output, in short a logical unit, programmable to work with most third party components as sensors, logical IO-units, SUS-systems etc.

10 inputs and 10 outputs and a configurable RS485-interface is more than enough for most applications and if it isn't, two or more RL-PRIO can easily be connected in a daisy-chain.


RRC with GPRS GSM or EthernetRL-Router is a unit for data collection that connects a RL-PRIO to the Internet over a GPRS/GSM or Ethernet connection. RL-Router will collect, store, process, prioritize and send data from your Radiologic system. RL-Router can also be used for controlling or monitoring your Radiologic system from a remote location.


RL-USB for RadiologicRL-USB connects your radio remote control system with your PC. Useful for data collection, software upgrades, or when you need to connect to your machine over longer distances or in an environment not suited for Wi-Fi.