Programmerbar industriell radiostyrningIn complex installations with, for example a Triplex-solution the Radiologic system must be programmed by skilled technicians who are able to understand the needs and limitations of that particular application. Our programming staff has been involved with the Radiologic products all the way from setting the specifications of the electronic hardware to making the source code for every part of the Radiologic family. We start with a field study of the application together with the customer and then a detailed layout and function description is made and presented to the customer. When all the parameters are set we start the programming and validation process of the software, all this time we try to work as close to the customer as possible, often the specifications are changed along the way as we find better or more cost effective work flows for the applications as we work.

Many times the programming is much more simple then one would think, our programmers can do a lot in only a couple of hours so the cost doesn't have to get very high.


We will soon offer the programming tool “RL-tools” for Radiologic to our customers. An online library with program templates will be available and with a minimum of programming skills you will be able to produce or change the logic and processes for your machine/application.


We can help you repair or service your radio remote controlIf you would like one of our technicians or sales staff members to visit you on site to help with your application or to give further input to your project, contact us by phone or e-mail and we'll set up a meeting.