Pekskärm för Radiologic industriell radiostyrning

RL-display is the most complex yet the most easy to use transmitter for industrial remote control available on the market right now. Looks and feels like the tablet computer you are used to at home but that's where the similarity stops. Inside the casing is a powerful Radiologic-unit, the touch screen is industrial standard and can be used with or without gloves, in fact you can use virtually any object to operate the high resolution tactile surface. Mount your RL-display in the forklift in your cold store, the loader in the mine, the hook lift or a RO RO-ship. Control and monitor one or many machines, let it automatically connect to the harbour installation you are approaching and manoeuver the ramps and get status from all of the installations sensors.

Add the optional hand transmitter RL-RC10 to be used by personnel that must be able to move free when, for example, doing maintenance and service of the installation The hand transmitter can work alone or be paired to a certain RL-display, requiring a hand over from the RL-display to activate the hand transmitter.

RL-display is powered from a vehicle with DC-power or with a power adaptor from the AC-grid. The display will power up in only a few seconds so the operator won't have to wait the time a normal vehicle computer needs to boot up.

Logisk radiostyrning för industriellt bruk

Make sure that your personnel always have the information they need at hand to be able to do their job, with a Radiologic system and a RL-display they will mediately get warnings or system messages in a variety of ways: colors, texts, audible signals. You will get their attention.

The layout of the screen can be customized freely and an unlimited number of pages and sub menus can be created, here is an example of how the work flow can look. To upgrade or change the system is done simply with a software update. Our programmers and developers work closely with the customer to get an ergonomic, functional and safe radio remote control system that will work and continue be developed for many years.