Have you ever felt that you would like your radio remote control to adapt to the current location and situation? We all know that some functions on a transmitting unit is mostly used in some area and others are used in other places or situations.

With Triplex the transmitter knows where it is in relation to its receivers or other modules and adapts to that situation. Now imagine this with one, or several, central units that work together much like a network of PLC:s with ten in- and ten outputs each, except this one has an industrial class radio remote control and you have the basics of the Radiologic system with Triplex.

Most people own, or have at least used, a tablet computer. Imagine your Radio remote control having the same flexibility with interchangeable, adapting interfaces that will let you know the status of the application with a range of up to 1000 meters but only lets you maneuver some or all functions if you are close enough, or far away enough, depending on the programming. This can all be done with a Radiologic Triplex solution.

We can pair a RL-display and a RL-RC10 so that the hand transmitter has to be activated with the RL-display and of course if necessary deactivated, this is very useful if an operator at some point needs to maneuver an application from outside a vehicle but needs to be sure that no one can use the hand transmitter without permission from the operator.

In some cases there are a number of RL-displays or RL-RC10 transmitters that can control the same machine, this might for example be a screw conveyor for loading bulk trucks. In these cases we can program the Radiologic Triplex system so that the truck can only log in to the control system when the truck is in a defined area, this might be as short of a distance as a few meters but also up to hundreds of meters, as soon as the system is logged in the radio starts working in full range mode giving the driver possibility to move the truck as required to get a full load.

We can even have the Radiologic system identify the trucks capacity to make sure the truck doesn't get over or under loaded, this means that you can use your fleet's full capacity without having to worry about being compliant to weight regulation.

These are only examples of what we can do with a Radiologic system and Triplex, contact us and we'll help you with your application.