RL-PRIO modul för logsk radiostyrning av industrikvalitet

Have you ever wanted to connect a radio to your PLC system? Why not remove the PLC and install an intelligent radio with native logic instead? RL-PRIO can often handle all your machine's logic and monitoring, the small foot print and the modest power consumption makes the RL-PRIO fin in almost any housing.

Cable replacement, "Cut your cables". With two RL-PRIO you can replace one or more signal cables. Do the math! what is the cost to install a cable between tho industrial buildings when adding permits, trenching, refill, the cable itself, cable protection, pavement, installation personnel, traffic management and so on to the calculation? The same can be done with an indoor installation. We can often program, package and send out the units the very same day you order them.

RL-PRIO, abbreviation for PLC, Radio, Input, Output, in short a logical unit, programmable to work with most third party components as sensors, logical IO-units, SUS-systems etc.

The basic in and outputs are:

Logisk radiostyrning för industriellt bruk

We will shortly release the first version of RL-Tools that enables you to do your own programming of all the Radiologic products as RL-PRIO, RL-display and RL-RC10. For more complex programming with Triplex solutions our developers and programmers are happy to help you, all the way from analyzing your application to drafts and design suggestions.