Pekskärm för Radiologic industriell radiostyrning

RL-USB connects your radio remote control system with your PC and your LAN, useful for data collection, software upgrades, or when you need to connect to your machine/application over longer distances or in an environment not suited for Wi-Fi. How about extending your existing BUS-system on your machine up to 1000 meters for monitoring and controlling from your PC? Radiologic can do this!

Logisk radiostyrning för industriellt bruk

In many applications the owner of an installation wants to collect data and statistics from the different machines to be able to plan maintenance and service. It can be any data from how many hours a conveyor belt has been used since last service to how many loads a dump truck has delivered last week. The data can be stored in a RL-PRIO, RL-RC10 or a RL-display and handed over to one or several RL-USB units for example at the plants machine parking lot. Every time a Radiologic unit passes in range of the RL-USB the data is transmitted. The data can then be exported to preferred management or statistics software..