Vit handsändare för Radiologic industriell radiostyrning

Rugged hand transmitter with ten double function buttons and four LED:s for feedback. The RL-RC10 is fully programmable and uses the same logic as all the other Radiologic products.

The 3-colour (green, amber and red) LED:S can be used for visual feedback from your application or for example to inform the operator about battery- and radio status.

Front plates can be custom made either as a printed decal or an engraved plate as shown on the pictures on this page, having your own logotype on the transmitter gives a good first impression but more important: legible symbols and/or text that anyone can read understand increases the safety and usability of the system and helps your customers improve their production.

We can help you design your front plate or decal.

Svart  handsändare för Radiologic industriell radiostyrning

The RL-RC10 transmitter is powered by four AA-batteries, charger and rechargeable batteries are available as an option.

RL-RC10 is also available with charging via a standard micro-USB connector.